Our on-site services

Packing and dispatching equipment services
Your customers are waiting for products, so it’s crucial that packing and dispatching lines don’t delay delivery and that you can fulfill market requirements. Well-maintained equipment means you can dispatch products on demand. High-quality spares and programmed technical assistance increases the lifetime of equipment.

Upgrades and Retrofits
Upgrading your equipment is a practical and responsible approach that cuts costs, improves productivity and safety, and reduces environmental impact. Crusher maintenance services
Improve the performance of your hammer and impact crushers with crusher maintenance services, including inspection, hardfacing and alignment.

Air pollution control
Dealing with emissions responsibly and efficiently is a fact of life for today’s production facilities. Maintaining air pollution control equipment is critical for your production, profitability and the environment. In today’s world of strict emissions control, it’s a necessity.

Gas analysis and emissions monitoring services
Gas analysis systems are complex, so it’s essential that you get expert assistance with repairs, spare parts, and new products. Our service technicians are highly skilled and offer both remote and onsite support, so you can get world-class services for your gas analysis and emissions monitoring equipment.

Precious metals services
Maximise your investment, decrease downtime and optimise your results by investing in service, testing, audits and training.

Gravity concentrator service, audits and training
Maximise your gravity concentrator’s life, availability and precious metals recovery by investing in our field service, plant audits and training for your personnel.

Liner profiling and scanning
Extend the life of your equipment and better plan for regularly scheduled maintenance shutdowns. Our advanced liner profiling and scanning services use cutting-edge technology to give you the most accurate and actionable information about your liners, and what steps you can take to optimise your equipment wear life.

Feeding and dosing equipment services
Your feeding and dosing system operates in a harsh environment. Monitoring the condition of your system can help you avoid the damaging effects of wear, and the fallout of part failure. The right maintenance at the right time can help to prevent downtime, saving you time and money.


Expert on-site assistance and maintenance know-how
Whether your focus is on increasing capacity, minimising downtime, or reducing costs, our on-site services will help you meet your goals and maximise the potential of your entire plant.

Access all types of on-site services
Avoid unforeseen downtime and prevent failures before they occur. Production problems can stem from a wide range of essential plant equipment. In situations when failures do occur, we can help you quickly by identifying and repairing malfunctioning equipment, always with a view to minimising future occurrences.
With the right type of services and parts, you ensure not only equipment reliability and efficiency, but you also reduce your overall maintenance costs and the cost of ownership of equipment. The on-site services we deliver include everything you need to meet your operational and business goals.

Benefits of on-site services include
  • A strong focus on safety
  • Optimised equipment condition
  • Regular and expert maintenance to maximise uptime
  • Higher productivity
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Optimised processes to meet the specific demands of your plant and market
  • Optimised operational and maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment lifetime

There are several services – for example, installations, repairs and rebuilds, and shutdown/outage support – that we offer as turnkey services. Turnkey services are on-site services that include technical advisory support, all the required tools, and a skilled workforce to complete the job according to high standards and specifications.

Find out exactly what shape your plant is in
Regular check-ups can help you maintain, optimise and improve all your plant equipment. Our equipment inspections are based on proven processes and make use of advanced measuring techniques. We provide diagnostic and reporting services for all plant equipment and give you practical recommendations and action plans to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly.
Our on-site support includes
  • Electrical and instrumentation services Commissioning/li>
  • Inspections and audits/li>
  • In-situ machining (including line boring)/li>
  • Installation of products and parts/li>
  • Shutdown support/li>
  • Repair and refurbishment services: grinding, part replacement, alignment, upgrades/li>
  • Condition monitoring/li>
  • Performance monitoring and optimisation/li>
  • Spare parts: consultancy, delivery, installation/li>
  • Technical advisory service/li>
  • Local language assistance