Voluntary and regulated carbon credit markets are essential to achieving a net zero world.  The development of these markets and the projects on which they are based are vital. Trafigura is delivering both.

Qosina offers a comprehensive service to both carbon project owners as well as companies-seeking carbon credit supply, helping to drive the journey to net zero. As part of our service, our customers have full access to our trading, finance and risk management expertise as well as our technical project and policy support.

Our differentiated service can help our partners:




Voluntary carbon

We can supply a range of voluntary carbon credits to meet client’s needs, from carbon compensated commodities and the provision of wholesale credits to co-investment in carbon projects.

We can provide our customers with a bundled service that allows customers to compensate for the associated emissions of the commodities we supply, across metals and minerals to energy.

We retain a diversified portfolio of carbon credits across various specifications to help our customers meet their targets with either spot or long-term supply. This includes crediting of emissions for net zero claims or exposure to carbon as an asset class.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to co-invest alongside Trafigura in approved, high-quality carbon projects enabling access to long-term supply of credits, appropriate for long-term net zero ambitions or carbon finance commitments.



Voluntary carbon supply types

Carbon credits can come from a range of projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere and cater to various corporate objectives at different price points. Our portfolio covers this range and can supply specifications on either a blended portfolio or on a by-project basis.





Compliance carbon

We offer structured solutions to manage our customers’ compliance exposure to regulated carbon schemes.




Carbon asset development

Qosina partners with carbon project owners to help them realise the full potential of their projects, by providing finance for project implementation, completing the management of technical registration and enabling the monetisation of carbon production, we can help owners develop new and existing projects and achieve their project goals.