Qosina is advancing trade by forging strong bonds with commodity producers, processors and end-users. As a globally active physical trading house, we source, store, blend and deliver commodities worldwide.

How we add value

We source raw commodities from miners, oil and gas producers and match the processing requirements of refineries, smelters and liquefaction plants. We supply end-users, including state agencies, manufacturers, utilities, power plants, energy retailers and construction companies, with the processed commodities they need.


Reliability is fundamental. We often trade with counterparties that are strategically important in their respective economies. We invest around the globe in infrastructure, storage, transportation and logistics to deliver on-spec physical commodities where and when they’re needed.


In a high-volume, low-margin business we emphasise service and operational efficiency. We enjoy significant economies of scale and access to low-cost funding. We create and supplement local infrastructure and develop multimodal logistics to streamline and simplify supply chains.


We apply consistent standards globally and operate responsibly in a wide range of political and cultural environments. Trafigura’s culture is founded on a service ethos. Individually, we expect our people to act with a high degree of personal integrity. As a Group, we strive both to meet and to develop international best practice.